So this book has been on my read list for a while and i finally got the chance to read it. First off i love the way it is written. Second its very detailed and gives you a good picture of the characters and places in the book. One thing i found to be unique about this book is the secrecy and mystery. I found myself feeling like i was part of the lies and mystery. Specifically when her foster parents begin to hide max i felt like i had to keep the secret too.

One thing i didn’t like about this book was the way the drama and conversations went by too fast in my opinion, like once you get adjusted to the situation that is happening then all of the sudden the story moves on. Some books are better with a movie to give you a visual. I actually havent seen the movie yet but i cant wait! Overall this book was beautifully written and a very tragic and uplifting story.


Book suggestions

Hello blog world! So i have found some really cool books that i thought i would suggest to you guys. If you have any good ones i missed don’t be afraid to comment!

Stitching snow by r.c lewis- I haven’t read this book yet but it is on my to read list. It sounds really good. Personally i am a huge fan of twisted fairy tales. Here is the stunning cover.


The sleeper and the spindle by Neil Gaiman- Another twisted fairy tale, but i mean they are great aren’t they? Now here’s the cover, this is one of the least impressive covers iv’e seen. It is still pretty cool though.


The magicians by Lev Grossman- This book sounds really cool and mysterious…


Above by Isla Morley- I really want to read this one it sounds really suspenseful and right up my ally. Plus the cover just makes me want to read it even more.


The sky is everywhere by Jandy Nelson- The title of this book made me laugh because the sky is literally everywhere.


Well those are just some books that i have came across on other blogs or youtube channels that  i want to read. I hope you enjoy!!

Untamed cover!

I am so excited about the new book to the splintered series if you go on A.G Howards blog you can see info on her new book and she will be having a giveaway soon! I cant wait to read this, sadly it won’t be coming out until january 2016! I dont know if i can wait this long!! Here is the official cover and name.Untamed final cover2

It is so beautiful! I mean who is this artist! I saw this on her blog and freaked out i was so excited! Obviously alyssa and morpheus are going to get married i mean just look at all that white. One thing i noticed was her two different colored eyes… Theres gotta be a reason for that, im sure we will find out once the book is for sale. I also found out that you can pre order the book on the publishers website but the pre ordering hasn’t been activated yet. When it gets activated i will definitely be pre ordering!

Dragons keep

I read this book a couple of years ago and couldn’t remember the name of it! Once it hit me i instantly purchased it. First off let me just say that this book is pretty intense and the overall story has a really deep meaning. If you plan on reading this book i’ll warn you that in the beginning it is a little bit difficult to understand, because the main character has an accent, but the story is very interesting and has a lot of details. The cover of the book is really what caught my eye.


I found that if you have a good cover on your book it can make the whole reading experience much better! Not only because you can look back at the cover in certain parts of the story that make you really visualize the characters and this is the case with alot of books that i have read. I also know that there are situations where the cover looks amazing and you buy the book but the story isn’t as great as the artwork. Overall this book is pretty good its a very deep and meaningful story.


Okay so the splintered series by A.G Howard is totally worth obsessing over, i mean it’s got romance, drama and a dark twist. For those of you who haven’t read it, it’s about a girl named alyssa who as a child was brought to wonderland in her dreams by a boy and they went on adventures. As she got older her mother was committed to an asylum and she had to live with her mother being crazy. When she finds out about her lineage she decides to go to wonderland herself facing near death experiences with one of her loves… There are three books to this series and A.G Howard will be revealing the cover and title of the book after ensnared sometime this month!

splintered book cover2

So lets talk cover i mean wow splintered alone is just beautiful that’s what caught my attention. Alyssa actually has quite a resemblance to the author and that got me thinking does she know anyone who looks like jebb and morpheus cause i want to meet them. I actually find myself while reading the book looking back at the cover and just imagining the character in the situation given. Thats why i think covers are import because it makes the whole reading experience better!


So no surprise this cover is also amazing! I mean just look at it the colors and the details are crazy! I personally love morpheus because he is so mysterious and the way the author describes him makes him even more amazing! At the beginning of the series i thought that morpheus was the mad hatter but then they went to the tea party and i was just shocked!


This one was even better i had to look at the cover for a while before i could actually read it because it was so intricate and i couldn’t take my eyes away Jebb is definitely my favorite. In the comments let me know what you are Team Jebb or Team Morpheus?