Dragons keep

I read this book a couple of years ago and couldn’t remember the name of it! Once it hit me i instantly purchased it. First off let me just say that this book is pretty intense and the overall story has a really deep meaning. If you plan on reading this book i’ll warn you that in the beginning it is a little bit difficult to understand, because the main character has an accent, but the story is very interesting and has a lot of details. The cover of the book is really what caught my eye.


I found that if you have a good cover on your book it can make the whole reading experience much better! Not only because you can look back at the cover in certain parts of the story that make you really visualize the characters and this is the case with alot of books that i have read. I also know that there are situations where the cover looks amazing and you buy the book but the story isn’t as great as the artwork. Overall this book is pretty good its a very deep and meaningful story.


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