Hi, my name is Abby! I live in oregon with one little sister, my parents and four chameleons. I like to read, write, listen to music and talk about everything! First i’ll tell you some things that i am obsessed with. Ok so teal black and white are my 3 favorite colors i am also in love with the splintered series written by A.G Howard, she is also my favorite author. Now i just love food in general but some of my favorites are sushi, pizza and popcorn now popcorn i couldn’t live without but i’m going to have to try because i am getting braces in a couple months 😦 which means no popcorn sadly… on the bright side i will have straighter teeth once i’m older 🙂 i also have a couple of movies that i love, Dirty dancing, Mama mia, Bill and teds excellent adventure and every disney movie known to man. And of course tv shows too (i like tv) Once upon a time is so awesome and i’m really excited that it came back! I will love spongebob no matter what age i am, then there is gilmore girls, bones and switched at birth. Thats all for tv i need to get my butt of the couch so during the week i play volley ball and go to yoga, my mom is a yoga teacher so we do yoga all the time. I have two best friends and they are polar opposites! My #1 best friend for life is carli she and i have known eachother since 5th grade and plan to live together one day! My 2nd best friend comes every weekend to her grandma’s house who lives across the street. Well i’m only one person so there you go thats all about me! What you can expect to see on my blog is me reviewing books and just giving my opinion on them!


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